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About TMD

TMD was started around 10 years ago to provide users with films in a smaller file size than were usually offered. StirCrazy, who is still the channel Founder, saw there was a demand for these files from people with slow internet connections. In fact for many years a lot of our users were still using slow  dial up connections - a concept that's now virtually disappeared. He also wanted a 'family friendly' environment which is why we don't allow the use of swearing or any insulting or disruptive behaviour, something many of our users appreciate.
With more people getting fast internet connections the demand for the smaller files decreased but StirCrazy noticed there was still a significant number of people who still preferred the smaller files for download and so he decided that TMD would "buck the current trend" and continue to offer them.  This obviously led to a decrease in the number of people using TMD and so it was decided to expand the services offered to include music. Three years ago we added Television series as another option and currently provide a number of the most popular US and UK television programmes.
Unlike many channels who provide Films, TV and Music, we don't just offer them for a year or less, most of the files we have offered since we began are still available - and users are encouraged to ask us if there is a movie they want that they can't find on one of our servers as many have older ones stored on hard drives or DVD's.
We only allow films and TV episodes to be served here that we have released and this is because we know they are good, safe copies and also because it allows users to download the same file from different TMD servers although not at the same time.  However it does mean that if a server gets disconnected during your download you can just queue the same file on another server and it will resume the download where the previous server stopped.
The TMD servers are users who initially came here to get files and decided they wanted to "give something back" and started serving our files to other users.  If you want to do this it's a simple job to set up a server, and our FREE TMD-Recruit pack includes the option to do this. However we never 'expect' a user to become a server, if they just want to download then that's fine.
So please feel free to pay us a visit and see what you think. It won't cost you anything and you might decide to join us either just to chat or to download movies or Tv or music as well.