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We have some pretty dedicated people at TMD who try to ensure the channels run smoothly. They also make sure the few rules we have are followed as we want to make sure EVERONE feels welcome and more importantly, safe when visiting our channels.
So you know what you are letting yourselves in for here is a list of our current Operators / Admins and some small snippets about them.


The Founder of TMD he now spends much of his time planting begonias in a window box they have permitted him to have in his pleasantly padded room from where he also keeps a benign watch on TMD.  His other passion is music from the 1750's like Frank Sinatra!


One of our scripting gurus he spend much of his time filling numerous sheets of paper with obscure IRC coding. When he does emerge into the light he enjoys running marathons and climbing large mountains -  at least in his dreams!!


This unique person can be found somewhere in the UK. When not helping in TMD he can be found scouring the English countryside searching for unusual beers which he then consumes in great quantities before staggering home armed with a take-away curry in a soggy paper bag. Approach with care!!!!


Another Brit!  Clanger wanders the TMD channels making sure users feel welcome. She is also in charge of organising the cleaning staff at TMD and examines every channel with a steely eye to make sure there are no bits of chewing gum and other nasty things left lying around. In her spare time she enjoys building stone walls and buying faulty goods so she can then spend weeks shouting at the suppliers.


Another of our scripting people who beavers busily away in dark corners. He comes across as relatively normal when talking to him, but don't be fooled by that. If you need help with connection issues he is usually a good person to talk to. When not here helping users he likes looking at old houses and technology.


Despite his fearsome appearance Hulk is one of the good guys and is around a lot to help users  - when he's not busy getting their movies and TV.  If you need to know anything about a movie or tv show he is the one to ask. When he isn't watching movies or tv he likes wandering through fields of weeds singing rude songs.


Usually known as Nos - he makes sure the channel infrastructure stays working,  as well as preventing naughty people trying to infiltrate the channels to do unsocial things. You will catch fleeting glimpses of him in  #TMD and he often pops up when you least expect it.  In his spare time he loves tracking various species of wildlife in the hope he can bestow on them his unique care package.
Another Brit I'm afraid!!  Very little is known about him, he wafts silently through thr corridors of TMD occasionally making rather odd pronouncements to users. We are one day hoping to produce a guide to "Shadowspeak" but we need to understand what he is talking about first. His hobbies include long runs and other energetic pastimes.



He's Canadian - but we make allowances!!  Probably the closest thing TMD has to a genuine lunatic.  He will pop into channels, usually exuding noxious gases from his nether regions to dispense words of insight and wisdom to anyone who will listen.  Sometimes he has a burger but he eats so little we often fear he will fade away.



Yowie is an antipodean, but we at TMD don't judge people so please approach him with an open mind. He is responsible for the music we offer so is usually busy behind the scenes.  He is a day ahead of most of us  us so please keep that in mind when he speaks - he really does know what day it is.  In his spare time he breeds koalas and renovates ocean liners.