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DJ Rules

1. To be a DJ on TMD-Radio you must be

a) A TMD-Nicknamed server for at least 3 months or a long time member of the TMD channel.
b) A current or former TMD Op.
2. All DJ's are expected to behave in a respectable and professional manner.(have fun, but TMD-Radio is not your personal soapbox or flaming tool, so dont trash other users or force your opinions on em.)[see rule #10!!.
3. All DJ's are expected to be available and ready for their assigned timeslot. If you cant commit to a regular schedule... don't ask for that slot. We will have backup/fill in spots available for those of you who can't do a regular timeslot.
4. All DJ's must have a minimum available upload of 25KBps with the ability to run a stable and buffer-free broadcast(excluding server issues) at 56kbps 22050khz stereo(MINIMUM!!!).
5. Please stay in the scheduled genre of music without prior consent from an Op Staff member. We are trying to stay with the schedule.
6. If you cannot fill your timeslot, msg a Staff Member and they will find you a replacement for that day, or ask another DJ who is already approved to fill in for you.
7. ALL DJ's should have their auto-reconnect set to a MINIMUM of 30seconds. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
8. Please fill only requests which fall inside the genre of your given slot.
9. Excessively obscene, vulgar, or pornographic material is prohibited from air and WILL result in immediate termination of your broadcast. [rule #10 again!!
10. Please use common sense, your demeanor and behavior will reflect upon the rest of us!!
* Failure to comply will result in a boot/tempban/perm removal from DJ Access.

Rule 1: DJ Privileges can be taken away at anytime without any explanation.
Rule 2: When you are DJing on TMD Radio you are representing TMD. DO NOT DJ IF YOU ARE DRUNK!!! So act accordingly. NO Swearing, Keep Your Opinions to Yourself, and NO Fighting with others. See Rule 1
Rule 3: No Songs with Obscene Titles or Content. See Rule 1
Rule 4: When your DJ Slot is Finished, Disconnect from Radio and Hand it Over to The Bot. No Marathon DJ Sessions will be allowed.
Rule 5: Lose Distro Access, Lose Radio Privileges, you will have to reapply when another slot opens up. (Time Spent in your DJ nick during your shift will not be counted against you.)
Rule 6: Any Complaints or Disagreements between DJ's or between DJ's and Non-DJ's should be taken to Hulk. NO FIGHTING IN CHANNEL!!! SEE RULE 1
Rule 7: Requests Do NOT have to be filled. It is completely to the DJ's discrection. A DJ can Disallow Any Request at anytime. Except for Allotted Request Slots. If you are filling requests, you must fill all requests in genre. You cannot pick and choose. See Rules 1, 3, and 6.
Rule 8: If you miss Three (3) slots in a row without any excuses or explanations beforehand or without trying to find a replacement, you may be removed from the schedule. See Rule 1.